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Reuse Policy

"Lady Justice" used with permission from DG Smalling, Choctaw Nation (see reuse policy).

Requesting Permission to Use the Operation Lady Justice Artwork

Use of the Artwork must be authorized through letters of permission with appropriate stipulations and safeguard. Any uses require prior permission in writing. All requests for commercial use will be denied.

For permission to use the Operation Lady Justice artwork, please send a request to the [email protected] email with “Artwork” in the subject line. Requests should clearly describe how the proposed use of the Operation Lady Justice Artwork contributes to the work of the Task Force. The following information must be included in your request:

  • Reason for requesting the Operation Lady Justice artwork
  • Media type (digital/web, print, film, or a combination of media types)
  • URL of site
  • Mock-up of the requested use

Note, permission to use images of Operation Lady Justice in publications also require the submission of the article for review. Depending on the type of publication, a review of additional material may be required. Please provide ample time for the review process.

Date Created: February 16, 2020